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Carton Trays

Carton Trays

Carton trays can be used for holding items like bottles, flower vases and other valuables

Chick boxes

Chick Boxes

Chick boxes for transporting day old chicks from farms to the markets

Export flower boxes

Export Flower Boxes

Quality Custom packaging for flower export

Archive box

Archive Boxes

For Organising, Storage and transport of Old files and documents in Offices, can also be used at homes for safe keeping of items

Carton Dividers

Carton Dividers

At Pak Space Ltd (PSL) we carry a wide range of corrugated shipper boxes and dividers to protect your product while on its way to market

SFK cardboards

SFK Cardboards

SFK cartons are corrugated cardboard sold as a roll. These rolls display excellent strength and can be used in various

Corrugated Cardboard box

Corrugated Cardboards

Pakspace Limited is the largest manufacturer of corrugated cartons in

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